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The Powerlessness of Living with an Active Alcoholic

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My husband has a history of pancreatitis due to years of alcoholism. He is currently drinking now and I am worried about his health. I throw away the alcohol but he buys more. He won't go to the hospital or stop drinking. What do I do?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi there and thank you for your question. My heart goes out to you and I wish that I had better news for you. The simple truth is that you're powerless and nothing you can do will prevent your husband from drinking. The risks that he's taking say a lot and they indicate that his disease is making his decisions for him. I know it's hard to hear this but I implore you to take excellent care of yourself. It's one of the cruelest aspects of addiction that we who love them must witness such destruction. Please get support for yourself and blessed be.

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