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Forcing Treatment

  • sachetby Asks ...

    Who can I call for help with my 33 year old son?. He is an alcoholic, He was attending AA but has relapsed. He has been on a binge in his room for 7 straight days. He drinks and passes out. Both his sister and I told him that he either needs to call rehabs or leave. He has done nothing. He knows we can't physically pick him up and throw him out. It's as if he has given up. won't do anything. Knows that we can't. I am disabled and receive Medicare. We do not have funds for private insurance, he does have medi-cal. I have no other family members or anyone who can help me with him. What do I do? just let him drink himself to death?! Can I call the police and get them to take him to detox?. I need assistance please??! Thank you.

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hello and thank you for your question. I'm sorry to say that it is nearly impossible to force an adult into treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse. I urge you to have him removed from your home by any means necessary. The police would be my first stop, contact them locally through a non emergency line and ask about how to proceed. Be clear that he is a family member who has been staying with you and that he does not have a lease nor any legal claim to continue residing there.

    It's obvious that your intentions are very positive - if you allow him to continue living in your home, you are enabling him to continue drinking. It's counter intuitive and sad, but removing him from your home is the best possible outcome at this time. Please contact me if I can answer other questions or concerns. Blessed be, Jim

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