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It Gets Better

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I stopped drinking because I started bleeding out of my rectum after a big drunk. Subtle clue, right. I drank as a lifestyle since I was 13. I am 34 now. I barely know how to do anything without drink. I have not had a sip for 2 weeks. Hard as balls. When will it get easier?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    The good news is you're through the worst of it. After 30 days sober you'll notice a big improvement in your thinking, your memory and your physical health. It's a long road - you have 21 years worth of crap for your body (especially your liver) to cleanse itself of.

    Bleeding indicates you've done some damage - if you haven''t already seen a doctor get yourself to one and if you don't have insurance then get yourself to the ER and explain the bleed.

    Make some investments in yourself - the biggest of which could be attending some AA meetings - I'm an addictions counselor but they're the REAL experts when it comes to staying sober, getting a life, getting a clue and knowing what to do with it.

    Congratulations on making this huge change in your life. Now google your hometown and AA meetings and get into it and thank me later.

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