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In Case You're Wondering, Yeah

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I like to get drunk. I am 19. I did not start drinking until this year. Last night I pissed myself while asleep after getting drunk. I have been drunk about 20 times so far. Last night I had about 15 beer. I am upset. What if I was with a girl? Will this happen again? Does this mean I have a drinking problem?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    It sounds like you're questioning yourself and that's healthy. Why wait until disaster to take stock and question the direction you're going in. I like simple - if alcohol causes you to have problems, then you have a problem with alcohol. It doesn't mean you're an alcoholic or that you're destined to become one - it means you do things you regret when you drink. Be honest with yourself and take stock - are you an all or nothing kind of person? I am - I don't do a lot of moderation - so what I do about that is I don't drink. It's humiliating to do something like pissing yourself, yup it sure is. You can have a lot more and a lot worse - or you can pay attention, be honest with yourself and I'm sure you'll find that whatever you consciously choose to do will probably work out ok. Did you intend to drink 15 beers or did that just kind of happen?

    Don't live a life in which things just kinda happen. Live a life in which you make things happen. Good luck!

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