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How Many Kinds of Alcoholics Are There?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I feel like I need a drink or a few drinks every night to relax from my high stress financial job (yeah, I am one of those guys everyone loves to hate). When most people go on vacation they party hard but without the stress of work I can take it or leave and I mostly leave it. I know that needing a drink sounds bad, but does the fact that I only need it when I am working mean that I am not an alcoholic?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Thanks for writing - you pose a great question.

    Arguably there are hundreds of types of alcoholics.

    You're the kind of guy that people "love to hate."

    I'm the kind of guy that people fear - because they want to get better...

    ...and they're afraid to acknowledge the truth.

    The question you're asking is one I've been asked hundreds of times: "Am I an alcoholic?"

    Here's the thing -

    You're wise to be concerned!

    Is the only standard whether or not you're already an alcoholic?

    It's clear that you can see this potentially leading somewhere and you see it's unhealthy.

    So how about instead of getting hung up on whether or not you've earned a label; you develop some new outlets for releasing stress? How about getting creative? If exercise and routine stuff bores you - come up with something more fun or taboo - it can be anything - as long as it's not something that has the potential to destroy you, your health, your career, and your life.

    Have more fun and consider that things like sex, laughter, and beating a punching bag are great stress reducers. Get creative.

    Good luck! - Jim

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