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Weed and Alcohol

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I was drinking about 8 to 10 beers most days of the week. Now I am trying to drink 2 or 3 beers every day but I bought a bunch of weed also and I have a bowl or two after the beers and that helps me coast off to sleep without needing such a beer buzz. My wife thinks I am being irresponsible and she is worried that I am going to get caught by our teenage daughter but I think that even though it is not perfect it's a lot better for my body and it is a good step forward in the right direction. She wants me to stop. I want to hear an expert's opinion on this so I can show her that I am not crazy...or maybe so I will know that I really am crazy...

  • Jill Edwards Says ...
    Jill Edwards

    When you are moving away from drinking 8-10 beers a day, it is inevitable that sleeping will be a problem. The difficulties usually last about 21 days, provided there are no additional emotional distressors that are making their presence felt as a person sobers up. I understand you want to reduce the unpleasantness of this process, but avoiding it through taking weed is very common, but has some major disadvantages. REducing the drinking helps you to live a more sober life in which you can begin to put things in order,repair any damage that your drinking has done and re-orientate yourself towards a happier and more productive life.

    Taking weed continues the inebriation, just using a different substance. It also leads to various levels of paranoia and disorientation. Your family has had to bear with the drinking over a long period and it is not surprising that they are troubled by the entrance of a different drug. Your teenage daughter must surely be aware of the smell from the smoking. One of the side effects of drinking, is that you will have learnt to give people the kind of truth which suits, so now continuing with a habit which you have to hide, is not effective in supporting a happier life.

    I am delighted to hear that you are working so hard to reduce your drinking, it is unfortunately true that someone who has been drinking heavily is also likely to use other substances in a similar fashion. I hope you will find the courage to reduce your weed use so that you do not develop a second habit. To stabilise your sleeping, you will need to go to sleep at a regular time and to get up every morning regularly, even if you have not slept well. The regular hours will support regular sleeping. Eating well and having daily exercise also help the recovery process. Persist with this pattern for 3 weeks and you should see real improvement. Are you also increasing your use of Vitamin B tablets to help the nerve damage from the alcohol?

    You will have gathered from me that there is more to this process than reducing your drinking. A sober life can be far more enjoyable than one where your frontal lobe and common sense are separated off from your living, but it takes a time to adjust and build in activities and life styles that suit. Be patient with your self, dont rush into weed as the solution, there are better ones than that.

    You can get a lot of support from Alcoholics Anonymous or any of the self help groups. You can see for yourself whether you would be better off being completely sober in the end. That is a personal choice, but talking to people who live this way can be informative. They will be very sympathetic around your difficulties with sleeping. Best of luck. Jill Edwards. If you would like any further service, you can look at my website, www.invitationtotalk.co.uk and contact me from there.

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