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Drug or Alcohol Rehab for College Students

Depending on the severity of abuse or dependence, college students seeking drug treatment may require a time away from college in a residential drug rehab inpatient facility. The needs of college students seeking drug treatment in rehab do not differ greatly from other adult recovering addicts, but for best results, the community of addicts will include others of a similar age and educational background.

Private therapy, group therapy, cognitive training, nutrition, health therapies and education all induce better recovery, and the facility should maintain strong aftercare links to the student after they complete the program and rejoin the college environment.

Family involvement in rehab is always beneficial, but the location of the facility is better near the college environment than the family home, to allow for full participation in aftercare.

Some programs are designed to allow the college student to continue with some college level courses while attending a residential rehab, but most shorter duration programs prefer to have the recovering college addict concentrate solely on the process of addiction recovery, and to rejoin academic involvement only after a consolidation of the lessons of rehab.

Drug Treatment for College Students In Summary

The attendance in college increases the odds of the development of a substance abuse problem or dependency. College students should be educated as to the risks of excessive drug or alcohol consumption, college administrations need to provide better access to drug treatment and early intervention services, and parents and family need to be aware of the risks, and be on the lookout for indications of substance abuse problems.

Many college students develop addictions throughout the college years, and as such early intervention in college increases the likelihood of successful treatment, successful sobriety and completion of a college education.

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