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Early Intervention Saves Lives

The single biggest factor towards success in drug treatment for college students is early intervention. Statistics reliably show that although an alarming percentage of students abuse drugs or alcohol at levels that induce dependency, a very small percentage of these students ever seek appropriate college drug treatment. Nearly all college campuses offer come form of drug and alcohol counseling and support services, and most colleges will allow for the participation in appropriate college drug or alcohol treatment programs without significant academic penalty. Unfortunately, these offered services are rarely taken advantage of.

College administrators need to do more to prevent substance use and abuse on campuses by enacting policy shifts that dissuade students from unhealthy use behaviors. Additionally, early intervention and counseling with students at risk to develop problems can be very beneficial.

Parents and concerned friends and family should be aware that the college years present a serious risk period for the development of substance abuse behaviors, and they should be observant for any behavioral or social indicators of dependency. Although the student is often living away from home, parents need to maintain an active involvement in their college children's lives to be able to diagnosis abuse and dependence, and intervene at the earliest possible opportunity.

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