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A Family Prayer of Faith and Hope

God can heal, and He will not turn away from anyone who seeks His love and guidance.

When a loved one suffers with addiction, and there seems no end in sight, we can feel despair; and worse, we can try to act as God.

We try to force change, and when we cannot, we blame ourselves. We take on ourselves tasks fit only for Christ, and we blame ourselves when of course we fail. We forget humility and we show no faith in the power of God's love.

A loved one's addiction is a real Christian trial. Have faith, God can raise the dead; surely he can heal your loved one! Believe in the power and infinite love of the Lord. Believe that He can make things better and that all things are possible.

There is hope!

Trust in him, and pray.


I believe that You can do all things
I believe that I cannot understand Your workings, but I trust that in all things there is meaning and purpose
I believe in Your infinite compassion and love
I believe that you can heal the sick and raise the dead
I believe that you fill my heart with your purpose and that I am unworthy of this gift, but I accept it gladly.
I believe that although my loved one suffers now, that he will see the light of your love and when he does, I believe that You will heal him
I ask for humility
I ask for the wisdom to serve you in all things
I believe in You and I pray that my loved one will soon feel Your Grace


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