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A Prayer for Parents of Troubled Teens

Letting go, doing all that you can and nothing more; this is a trial for any parent watching a teen abuse drugs. Pray for understanding, for grace and for healing.

Lord, sometimes I don’t know where my job as a parent ends and Your heavenly gift as Savior begins. Grant me understanding, so that I may do all that I can, and nothing more.

Lord, keep my faith burning bright. I believe in you and I believe in your power and love, but sometimes I am tempted to act in your stead. I hurt so much watching my son destroy himself. Grant me faith, so that I may receive your grace and act as Your instrument of love.

Lord, save me from despair. I get overwhelmed sometimes. My wife and my kids need attention, love and support, and so do I. Grant me clarity so that I may serve my family, even in this dark hour.

Lord, show me the path I must walk. Show me what good works I can do to serve You. I need your guidance, and although sometimes I feel rage, Lord, transform my anger into love, and use me as an instrument of Your purpose.

Lord, let my son feel Your love. I believe that only You can heal his wounds. He is troubled, He harms himself, please; bring him home.


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