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Is the Recovery Bible a helpful book?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Do you know the Christian Recovery Bible? Is it actually more helpful than the regular Bible for a person with alcoholism? This is for a gift for my brother who is in rehab now and I want to get him a graduation gift. Is there a Faith centered book for alcoholism that you would especially recommend other than the recovery Bible?

  • Penny Bell Says ...
    Penny Bell

    Your brother deserves congratulations for both entering recovery and working hard at it, to the point that he's now graduating.  And it sounds like you have been a support for him, and will continue to be as he navigates a new sober world outside of the safe walls of rehab.  The Recovery Bible can be bought in many versions and has highlighted scriptures and notations that are relevant to those recovering from addiction, so I think it would be an excellent gift for your brother.  There are many other books written specifically for those in recovery, one of which is  "Twenty Four Hours a Day", a daily meditation booklet that also comes in journal form and is written by an addict for addicts. For others try some of the major online bookstores and put "recovery" into the search box.  I wish your brother all the best in his new life!

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