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Unconditional Love

  • swiftleft Asks ...

    Hi I'm 28 and a very bad junkie and very homeless but I have a dog will a treatment center help me or decline me because of her?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi there - thanks for writing. I get it - your whole world is mess but the dog loves you anyway and the idea of having to give it up just kills you, right? Sad as this is - it's one more thing your addiction will use against you to prevent you from getting the help you need. The guilt and responsibility and loyalty all just feels like you can't possible put it down - but you must.

    As much as you love the dog, you're not going to be around to care for it at the rate you're going. Take care of you - leave this one in good hands - with a shelter - with any person willing to care for it. Down the road, rescue another when you can.

    First save you. You deserve this. Blessed be, Jim

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