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Recovery Meditation Books

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    I’ve found a lot of inspiration from the prayers in the AA Big Book. Can you recommend another good selection of recovery prayers that might be inspirational to a drug addict taking things one day at a time and needing all the help from above he can get?

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    Jennifer Hamilton

    I absolutely love the small bible called Clean: A Recovery Companion by Dr. Rick Fowler and published by Thomas Nelson.  It is a 12 Step Meditation book that explains addiction, lists addictive agents (some that addicts switch to when stopping the chemical), has 7 meditations each for all 12 steps and links each step to 40-70 scripture quotes in the gospels, psalms and proverbs.  It is currently out of print, but you can still find it cheap on the internet.  The price will be going up because it is such a classic.  I am hoping they will do another printing soon. 

    Another wonderful book that can be used as a daily meditation book is The Imitation of Christ.  This book was written in the 11th century and has clear application to our world today. It was the book that inspired the life and ways of St. Therese of Lisieux also known as the "Little Flower".   It is not about addiction, but about following Christ, which is helpful to me. 

    If someone has an addicted family member and struggles with Codependency, I like The Language of Letting Go and More  Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.  I hope that helps. 

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