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Finding life's purpose following addiction recovery

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    I feel like I am wasting this life I was given. I was a drinker and drug user for years but I have moved past that and am 11 months sober now. I am grateful to be away from all the low things I used to see and do but now I do not know what purpose my life is supposed to have. I know I was put on this earth for a reason. How can I find out what I am supposed to do now?

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    Penny Bell

    Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement, 11 months sober! So now you have embarked on a new life, which is very different from the life you were used to.  True to the saying, your slate has been wiped clean, and now you can write something on it that's completely new.  But what to write?  Previously, recovery was your goal.  That achieved, new goals must be created, pursued and realised. Some of the more obvious goals would be to increase your health - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health - and to devise a strategy for each of these. Less obvious is the discovery of purpose for your life.  Many in recovery from addiction find community or charity service fulfilling and rewarding, and often this will inspire toward a life's vocation.  Perhaps you have had a dream as a young person that was never realised, due to life's twists and turns.  You may need to go back to school or complete some other education in order to realise this dream, and that may be one of your goals.  If you have a faith, attending and serving in a church or other religious organisation may also help you to find your destiny. Finally, your life is not being wasted - you are a living testament that shows others the power of recovery, and gives hope to those still bound by addictions that recovery is possible. I wish you all the best in your quest for purpose and meaning in your life.  Because you want to make a difference, all you need to do now is decide on which way to do that.

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