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Christian vs. Secular Recovery

  • wstewart Asks ...

    I work in the field of recovery and it appears to me that results from Christian treatment surpass the recovery merry go round rates of secular recovery. Are there studies which support Christian versus Secular treatment?

  • Ken Sneed Says ...
    Ken Sneed

    While it appears that there may be quantitative evidence for faith-based recovery programs being more effective, measuring outcomes is not easy. Results tend to be slanted toward whether the research is by a faith-based organization or individual, or a secular belief system undergirds the studies.  Below, I've listed a few web sites you can go to for additional reading.  You can probably find a lot more on line studies and opinions. 

    My experience and thoughts on the subject are relative to my belief system and approach to therapy.  I find it much more difficult to help people who have no faith in God as a foundation for optimism and hope for a better future.  Do the research and check your own belief system, then decide how you want to approach helping others.






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