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Addiction, Recovery and Faith

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Ive been asked to share about how Christianity and recovery comes together in my life. I only have 20 minutes and need to reach the addict who still suffers (and possibly non/believer). What keynotes should I be sure to include?

  • Ken Sneed Says ...
    Ken Sneed

    At a workshop I attended for mental health professionals, the presenter observed that, "Every person's pet sin is their addiction."  One aspect of alcoholism that is often overlooked is that everyone wrestles with is their own pet addiction. The point of this is that your brief address needs to point out that Christians are people and therefore struggle with addictions, too.

    Gossip, greed, self-centerdness, lust . . . on and on the list goes. As big as a chemical addiction? Sure! Just maybe not as obvious.

    In light of this, I'd encourage you to include words like, Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Hope, Faith, and Trust.  That's the connection Christianity has to life, not just to chemical addiction.

    You might, if you feel it's appropriate, point out that many can't, in their words, "accept a God who is judgmental and condemning." Actually, what we're told about God is that He's loving and forgiving.  He merely pointed out the consequences of not trusting Him.It's each person's choice to accept his love and forgiveness or face the consequences of his or her own choice not to accept God's love.

    In the same way, each person regards the pet sin harbored in his/her own heart. The consequences of that sin (addiction) are a life of trying to rationalize and justify and convince himself that there is nothing wrong with the behavior that is causing such turmoil and pain. Isn't that the common problem? Pain that we try to sooth?

    Point out from your experience how your faith in God has strengthened you to deal with your pain, even when it's really difficult.

    Although the following verse from the Bible is about being brought to justice for talking about one's relationship with Jesus in a place where it's illegal, I think it fits any situation in which we find ourselves trying to speak about our relationship with God.

    " . . . Do not worry beforehand about what to say

    . Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit."

                                                                             -- Mark 13:11

    Trust God about what to say.




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