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God Gets Blamed for a LOT!

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am alcoholic that is trying to stop drinking. I am not doing very well. I go to meetings and I keep hearing this guy say by the grace of god I didn’t have a drink today. Does this mean by the grace of god I did get wasted and miss my son’s basketball game?

  • Ken Sneed Says ...
    Ken Sneed

    I think to begin this discussion we need to define grace as its used in the Bible.

    Grace is God's "unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification." (Meriam Webster's Dictionary)

    So this begs the question, "Does God favor the other man at your meetings, but not you?"

    I think the better question would be, "Did I allow God to grace me, or did I determine to do what I, that is, my flesh, preferred to do without being open to God's grace?"

    I believe that What we all do, depending on what each person's individual addiction is (whether chemicals, gossip, gluttony, sex, gambling, TV, greet, etc) is to make a decision to act on our impulses without thought to the consequences, and then we blame God for not "fixing" us.

    Without a doubt, God makes his grace available to everyone.  The difference between individuals or from one person's situation to the next situation, is how it's handled.  Did I decide to do the right thing, or did I decide to cave to the temptation before me?

    Saying, "No," to chemicals is the right thing to do. But it's not usually as simple as that.  Stopping to look to God, considering the probable outcome of our choices, asking Him for direction and strength to make the best choice, then acting on that choice . . . that's when God's grace is available, though even then it may He may not be given the freedom to apply it because we selfishly decide to do what we FEEL like.

    Make your choice based on God's Word and act on it, not your feelings at the time.

    Don't blame God for not doing his part. Be responsible for your part and act on the decision.

    You may want to read Roman's 7.  Keep in mind that Paul is writing from his own personal experiences.  Wanting to do and acting on our feelings are common for humans.  Choose to be unique and lean on the grace God provides.

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