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Have I caused too much damage in my marriage?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    If I was a drunk for 15 years and then I quit by the time I was 32 and if I didn’t drink or smoke again after that and lived healthy do you think my drinking will cause me to die an early death? I have 3 years sober and I am really happy at my life today and I just wonder if I drank for too long and the damage is already too much done.

  • Florence Cameron Says ...
    Florence Cameron

    There are so many variables to this equation that I'd be negligent to try to answer, as I'm not a physician, and without testing, the doctor would also be hard pressed to tell as well. What I can tell you is it is never to late to take care of yourself. The body and brain has a remarkable capacity to heal itself when free from toxins and given the proper nutrients. Yes you are correct, some organs aren't forgiving and the culmination of toxins and damage to the organs cannot be reversed. However, stopping the continuation of damage can prolong rather than accelerate the dying process. If we realized that we begin the death process the moment we are born we perhaps may be more kind to our bodies than we'd have a better chance at the normal process of aging. The choice is yours' to make. Choose the next right thing!

    Jeannie Cameron

    Naples, FL

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