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Heroin Addict Needs Immediate Help

  • dave degregorio Asks ...
    dave degregorio

    im 31 and i dont have a phone,i really need help bad from heroin addiction asap. is there anything i can do for immediate help? live in new jersey,no money,no insurrance. please help me

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for reaching out for help. I found a website by the state of New Jersey that has a link to a directory of treatment facilities. It also has a link for your county alcohol and drug director. I'm also including a link for the Division of Medical Assistance which has a toll free number if you can get to a phone or borrow one. You should qualify for emergency medical assistance because you have a right to receive addiction treatment. I'm assuming you have access to the Internet but you can go to a public library if you need to. You can also go to any emergency room. If you are experiencing withdrawal and they have a bed available, they may admit you. If they don't have a bed, ask to speak to a social worker who will help you find a bed. It can sometimes be difficult to get treatment because of the lack of resources. Be persistent. If one hospital doesn't help you, go to another. You can also go to any local Narcotics Anonymous meeting for help. You can find a meeting through na.org. The people in the meetings will know more about local resources in your area. Try approaching the Secretary or the chairperson after the meeting and ask them where to go for heroin detox. I hope this answers your question and you get the help you need. I'm sure you are afraid of withdrawal but a good facility will make you comfortable through the process. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. 

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