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Non 12 Step Treatment

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Is there a non 12 step mentorship program for people trying to recover from addiction who do not believe in the whole powerlessness and spirituality side of things?

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question. There are several options available for non 12 Step recovery. I answered a previous question about the alternatives which you can find here. There are many programs available that will help you find the support you need without the 12 Step model. The important thing is that you have support and find other ways to cope with life's problems than by using a substance. In addition to options like Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, etc., you may find that individual counseling can help you sort through the options and work on some of the issues which led to your addiction in the first place. You can work on developing healthy coping skills and develop a relapse prevention plan with your counselor. 

    I hope this answers your question and you find the help you are looking for in recovery.

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