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Which is More Cost Effective: Methadone or Suboxone?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    How much does Suboxone cost per month. How much does methadone cost per month? Is Suboxone cheaper in the long run because even though it is more expensive you don’t take it for as long?

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Hi! Thank you for your question. The cost of either Methadone or Suboxone depends on a number of factors. Prices can be affected by the following factors:

    • The area you live in 
    • The doctor or clinic you go to
    • Whether you need to see a counselor outside your treatment facility 
    • Whether or not you have insurance

    I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. Methadone treatment costs about $90 to $100 a week in this area. I think it varies from about $80 to a $100 a week throughout the country. It may sound expensive but you are paying for more than just the methadone itself. Most methadone is only available through methadone clinics which include the cost of doctor visits and counseling into the price. 

    Suboxone prices vary per facility. I have heard of doctors who charge $100 a week and some that charge $100 a month. Plus, you may have to pay for your medication which can cost $8 or $9 for one 8 mg. strip or pill. If you take more than one strip or pill a day and have no insurance coverage, that could add up to a lot. For example, two 8 mg. strips a day for a month at $8 would cost $480. If your insurance does pay for the medication, they may required counseling twice a month which could add to your cost.    

    As far as not being on Suboxone as long, be sure to find a facility that isn't focused on maintenance. You want to find a place that will help and support your efforts to be on Suboxone short term. Try calling some of the Suboxone facilities and doctors in your area and ask them if they can help you to come off Suboxone. I advise you to not try to do it too quickly. Addiction is a physical, psychological and spiritual disease. You need to treat all aspects of your disease and have a support system for abstinence to work. This applies to both Methadone and Suboxone Treatment. You can go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and see a counselor to work on any mental health issues, learn coping skills, recognize your triggers and relapse signs and develop a strong support system.

    Also, before trying medication assisted treatment, consider trying inpatient treatment if you have never done so. The information and support of 24 hour treatment is invaluable. Inpatient treatment can help you learn about the disease of addiction, how to develop support and why it is important, learn about coping skills, triggers, relapse prevention, the importance of treating body, mind and spirit over the course of you whole life, and so much more.  

    I hope this information helps you make a good decision about the best treatment for you.