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UK Teachers May Soon Be Allowed to Search Students for Drugs or Alcohol

UK Teachers May Soon Be Allowed to Search Students for Drugs or Alcohol
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Schools Secretary Ed Balls is considering a proposal that would allow teachers the explicit right to search students suspected of possessing drugs or alcohol.

In Britain, the Labor Govt.'s "Behavior Advisor" Sir Alan Steer, has called for legislation that would allow teachers the right to search students for drugs or alcohol while in school or on school grounds. His report was welcomed by Schools Secretary, Ed Balls.

Legislation introduced last year already gives teachers the right to search for illegal weapons, although students may refuse to consent to a search if they leave school property.

Sir Allan said in his report that behaviors in schools were generally "good" and that his recommendations were prompted by teacher concerns over the influence of drugs, and particularly alcohol, inside schools across the country.

Sir Allan, the Head Teacher at Seven Kings High School is expected to make further policy recommendations aimed at improving the behaviors of Britain's youth in - and out of school, but he also called on parents to set a good example, saying that "Adults can too often set a bad example for young people, showing them behavior that is greedy and aggressive."

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