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  • Russia | Jul 20, 2011

    Russia Considers Sending Drug Dealers to Forced Labor Camps

    Russia to Send Drug Dealers to Forestry or Mining Labor Camps
    © Wen Nag

    Russian politicians say they’re losing their domestic battle against drugs, so they’re ready to get tougher – with suggested measures such as mandatory drug testing in schools and forced labor camps for those convicted of dealing drugs.

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  • Marijuana | May 29, 2011

    Tourists No Longer Welcome in Holland’s Marijuana Cafes

    Holland to Ban Tourists from Cannabis Cafes
    © Suzana e gariba

    In a move to promote health and reduce crime, Holland decides to ban tourists from using marijuana at any of their famous cannabis cafes. Dutch citizens who wish to continue to legally buy and smoke marijuana will now have to sign up for a year membership card.

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