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UK Police Warn Christmas Drinkers of Rape Threat

UK Police Warn Christmas Drinkers of Rape Threat
© Photo Credit: Alexander Yee
The alcohol fueled festive season has traditionally meant an increase in rape cases. Senior police officers in the UK have launched a public awareness campaign to teach women how to stay safe.

A group of police chiefs from across England and Wales, the Association of Chief Police Officers, has launched a media campaign - warning women to be extra careful over the coming holiday season.

Police officers say that alcohol plays a role in as many as two thirds of rape cases and that incident rates go up every year during December and January, as people start spending more time in pubs and bars during the holiday seasons.

The multi media campaign urges “let your hair down, not your guard” and offers women concrete tips for staying safe when out on the town. Men too are targeted in the campaign, with one advert stating, “rape: short word, long sentence."

Chief Constable, Dave Whatton, who works nationwide on rape cases, said the main purpose of the campaign is, “to prevent rape from occurring in the first place, by arming potential victims with key advice on how to keep themselves safe.”

The conviction rate in UK rape cases is at a staggeringly low 6.5%, and this figure accounts only those who report the crime. Police officers acknowledge that many victims choose to stay silent.

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