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Scientists Call on European Parliament to Impose across the Board Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21

British scientists presented data to European Parliament officials on the dangers of youthful drinking, and called for policy makers to raise the legal minimum to 21, in every country.

If a bunch of British scientists and lobbyists from the New Zealand group, Family First had their way, the drinking age around the world would be raised to 21, at minimum – and to that effect they recently presented The European Parliament Working Group in Brussels with evidence which supports their call for delaying a young adult’s first legal drink.

Dr. Sigman, an expert psychologist from the UK, who compiled the information for Family First, believes in his that laws on alcohol consumption should be based on the well-being and health of young people.

His report, which compiled research evidence from fields as varied as genetics, molecular neurobiology, toxicology and epidemiology, concluded that alcohol use among teenagers results in a higher probability of disease, accidents and impaired mental development than alcohol use by adults, and that if young people had restricted access to alcohol they would do less harm to health and well being at present and would experience reduced long term consequences of youthful experimentation and overindulgence.

In his report, Dr. Sigman warns that the human brain does not fully develop until about age 25 and therefore, drinking prior to age 24 ½ could cause developmental damage.

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