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Drug Smuggling

Ex Lingerie Model Uses Gang of Beautiful Women to Smuggle Drugs

Police Bust Gang of Lingerie Model Drug Smugglers
© Angie Sanselmente Valencia
Angie Sanselmente Valencia, a 30 year old ex lingerie model is now a wanted fugitive after police uncovered her drug smuggling empire. Valencia, they say, used beautiful young women to travel the world delivering suitcases filled with cocaine.

A lingerie model drug kingpin who dispatches an army of beautiful young models on a daily basis to courier cocaine from South America to Europe – sounds far fetched, but an international arrest warrant for ex-model Angie Sanselmente Valencia proves that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Angie Sanselmente Valencia is a 30 year old ex lingerie model. A native of Columbia, she was crowned Miss Coffee in the year 2000 and enjoyed a lengthy and successful modeling career before retiring last year. Until last year, she was also the girlfriend of the notorious Mexican drug lord nicknamed, The Monster.

After ending her relationship with The Monster last year, police say Valencia set up her own distribution network – using an army of young beautiful women to act as mules – women she called, “Unsuspicious, beautiful angels.” These young women were told to be nice, but not flashy, as they traveled.

Each drug mule was paid roughly $5000 to ferry cocaine from Buenos Aires Argentina to Cancun Mexico, and from there onwards to cities in Europe. Valencia was reportedly sending women and drugs out across the world on a daily basis.

In December, a 21 year old woman was arrested in Beunos Aires Ezeiza International Airport with more than 100 pounds of cocaine packed in her suitcase. This woman has cooperated with police, revealing details of the drug gang’s operations. Because the apprehended woman made no effort to hide the cocaine in her suitcases, authorities believe that airport officials were in on the smuggling efforts.

Within 12 hours of the arrest, police had 2 further members of the gang in custody, but when they went looking for Valencia at her 4 star hotel residence, they found her already gone.

Valencia is now a fugitive at large. Authorities believe that she is hiding in either Mexico or Argentia.

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