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South Korea to Ban Online Gaming after Midnight

South Korea is looking hard at its online habits as the couple who left their baby to starve to death while they played online games faces trial. In a move to reduce high rates of addiction, the government has announced severe restrictions on play time.

South Korea has announced serious measures to combat online game addiction.

According to the South Korean culture ministry, the soon to enacted measures include:

  • Allowing children to play most popular online games only during times and for durations pre-approved by parents
  • Stopping play of most popular games for 6 hours, either between, 12 am and 6 am, 1 am and 7 am or 2 am and 8 am.
  • Slowing down the internet connections of those that play an online game for more than 6 consecutive hours

South Korea has long acknowledged an online gaming problem. A recent study by the Korea Youth Counseling Institute showed that almost 30% of students and 40% of male students in the country show at least some signs of gaming addiction.

The nation is looking hard at online gaming and its costs, especially now, during the negligent homicide trial a couple who allowed a baby to starve to death while they played an online game taking care of a virtual baby.

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