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Non-Substance Addictions

  • Sports Gambling | Apr 01, 2013

    Why Problem Sports Gamblers Need Different Treatment

    Problem Sports Betting – an Illusion of Control
    © Werner Kunz

    Problem sports betters tend to overestimate their abilities to predict outcomes. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help problem sports gamblers overcome this illusion of control.

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  • Work Addiction | Apr 25, 2012

    Researchers Develop Work Addiction Self Test

    Work Addiction Self Test
    © Mararie

    Has anyone ever told you that you need to cut down on the time you spend at work? Does your work negatively affect your health and do you get stressed if you can’t work as much as you ‘need’ to? Find out more about work addiction and take a self test to see if you might have a problem with compulsive working.

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