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Salvation Army ARC Georgia

Salvation Army ARC Georgia
Salvation Army ARC Georgia
The Salvation Army ARC drug and alcohol rehabs operate throughout the country, offer long term care, and provide low cost and free treatment to those in need and without the ability to pay.

Anyone is welcome, as long as they are willing to participate in a Christian program of recovery and willing to work within the organization as they undergo treatment, as a way of funding their stay.

Salvation Army ARC rehabs generally run for 6 months or longer, you can get in for free and all of your food, shelter and clothing will be provided free of charge during this period.

The Salvation Army, providing sober sanctuary for those with nowhere else to go and changing lives for the better across the nation…The Salvation Army may be what you've been looking for.

  • Contact Details

    Salvation Army South ARC Command

    Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command
    1424 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, GA 30329
    Phone: 404-728-1371
    Fax: 404-728-6745

    The Salvation Army
    740 Marietta St NW
    Atlanta GA  30318-5726
    Box 93866, Martech Station
    Atlanta GA 30377-0866
    404/ 522-9785

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