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Within the state of Alabama, hundreds of treatment centers offer services to those with substance abuse problems. Ranging from private and exclusive to affordable yet comprehensive... to even low or no cost to those in need; there is a drug or alcohol rehab for everyone! Drug treatment works. Drug rehab works, and there is always hope, no matter how bad things seem.

Find a drug or alcohol rehab that’s going to work for you, and start your road to recovery. Find a drug rehab that meets your needs and your beliefs, and whether you need Christian drug rehab, long-term drug rehab or teen drug rehab, you can find a facility in Alabama that’s going to help you get better. Alcoholism and drug addiction don’t just go away, get help now.

Insurers are required to offer coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment needs as they are to physical illnesses.

To best determine your eligibility for state-funded drug or alcohol rehab treatment, call the states 24h addiction helpline on 1-844-307-1760.

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