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Drug addiction is not an inner-city problem. Even in rural North Dakota, meth, cocaine, alcohol, opioid pain medications and/or heroin all combine to create a lot of pain and heartache for families in the state. Thankfully, treatment programs are an effective option for individuals with an addiction. Even if you have no insurance, and cannot hope to pay for private rehab, you can still find a drug rehab willing to take you in.

For information on how to access state-funded drug and alcohol rehab care, please call North Dakota Department of Human Services on 701.328.8920 and download this list of treatment providers accepting the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Voucher. The North Dakota SUD Voucher program was established to address barriers to treatment and increase the ability of people to access treatment and services for substance use disorders.

If you lack comprehensive medical insurance, you can also check out our listings of free/affordable addiction treatment centers in North Dakota.

To speak with North Dakota's state crisis support helpline, call 2-1-1 or 701-235-7335, available 24 hours.

You can get better, and getting into treatment is always the first step.

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