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Review our listings of Washington addiction treatment services, whether or not you qualify for state-funded treatment through Apple Health (Washington's Medicaid program). We list some of the best drug and alcohol rehabs and outpatient programs in Washington state, especially if you have good private health insurance, like a PPO plan.

If you are experiencing a crisis, you can get help regardless of insurance coverage. Crisis services are free and do not require an intake assessment. For 24-hour support, and referrals to affordable addiction treatment and recovery services anywhere in the state, call the Washington Recovery Help Line at 1-866-789-1511. For teenagers, there is TeenLink on (866) 833-6546. Alternatively, you may call your county's crisis line. Phone numbers for your area's behavioral health organization (BHO) can be found here. If you receive health insurance through Apple Health, you should also contact your BHO to learn about your addiction treatment options.

To enrol in Apple Health, visit the Washington Healthplanfinder website. If you live in Clark or Skamania County, or if you are American Indian or Alaska Native, find out how to access Apple Health treatment and who to call here.

For more information and links, visit the Washington Health Care Authority substance abuse website.

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