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Arizona boasts many of the nation's best and most upscale private drug and alcohol rehabs, but for those without insurance and without the ability to pay for expensive rehab, there are also a number of very low-cost or even free residential treatment options. No one in Arizona needs to suffer with addiction thinking that they cannot afford residential care.

Take your life back! Drug rehab really works. Drug treatment teaches you how to get and stay off of drugs or alcohol, and how to live happily without needing to get drunk or high. Find a drug treatment facility that meets your needs, and matches your beliefs (Christian drug rehab – Teen drug rehab – holistic drug rehab…) and start your road to recovery now.

All Arizona health care plans are mandated to offer insurance parity. Insurance parity is defined as mandating insurance providers to treat mental health and substance abuse conditions as equal to physical conditions and diseases.

We list plenty of state-funded services and residential treatment facilities offering free or very affordable care to those with limited means, and without insurance. For government assistance, please contact Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family on 602.542.4043 or visit their website for more consumer information.

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