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Al Anon Prayer for Family

A prayer for grace. A prayer for understanding and a prayer for wisdom. Let God guide you and allow you to live well, for Him.

Dear God,

I am powerless and my life is unmanageable without your help and guidance.
I come to you today because I believe
that You can restore and anew me to meet my needs today.
Since I cannot manage my life and affairs,
I have decided to give them to You.
I put my life, my will, my thoughts,
my desires and ambitions in Your hands.
I give You all of me: the good and the bad,
the character defects and shortcomings,
my selfishness, resentments and problems.
I know that You will work them out in accordance with Your plan.
Such as I am, take and use me in Your service.
Guide and direct my ways and show me what to do for You.
I cannot control or change my friends or loved ones,
so I release them into Your care
for Your loving hands to do with as You will.
Just keep me loving and free from judging them.
If they need changing, God You'll have to do it; I can't.
Just make me willing and ready to be of service to You,
to have my shortcomings removed, and to do my best.
Help me to see how I have harmed others
and make me willing to make amends to them all.
Keep me ever mindful of thoughts and actions that harm myself and others,
and which separate me from Your light, love and spirit.
And when I commit these errors,
make me aware of them and help me to admit each one promptly.
I am seeking to know You better,
to love You more.
I am seeking the knowledge of Your will for me
and the power to carry it out.
Lord, teach me patience,
and remind me that it is hard work,
but well worth the labor.
Guide me in all I do to remember that
waiting is the answer to some of my prayers,
and that when I need You,
You will be there to help me.


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