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Strengthening Faith through Counseling?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I was raised in a Christian home but we were never a particularly devout family. I am engaged to be married to a great woman who has a very deep Faith and relationship with Christ. Although I am a Believer my relationship with God has never been a very significant part of my everyday life, other than going to church on most Sunday’s.

    I envy my fiancée for the strength and joy she gets from her much more intimate relationship with God, compared to my very intellectual but less everyday-meaningful one. Because of this and because I think stronger faith would strengthen our marriage to come, I would like to develop a stronger relationship with Christ.

    Is this something a Christian counselor can help me with? I would turn to our pastor but I have never felt very comfortable with him, though I do respect him for what he does.

  • Penny Bell Says ...
    Penny Bell
    A Christian counsellor would help you to explore what it is that you're hoping for as far as developing a deeper faith goes - whether it's a more satisfying prayer life, a deeper understanding of the Bible, or just to feel closer to God. The counsellor would also then explore with you ways you might achieve these goals, as well as anything you feel may be preventing you from achieving them. As well, some issues may emerge during the counselling process that you hadn't previously considered have any bearing on your relationship with God but you might now, during the counselling process, see have a definite influence. There would also be the issue of accepting and embracing one's own unique way of exercising faith which is tied to one's identity both in Christ and with oneself. Finally, the Christian counsellor may suggest that both you and your fiance have one or two sessions together to explore your differences in perspective about faith in God. It's not unusual for each member of a couple to approach their faith in a very different way due to upbringing, personal experience, personality or other factors. Sometimes the key to couple's faith harmony is acceptance of the differences in one another!

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