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I'm in trouble with cocaine. Should I switch to crack?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have only been doing cocaine for a couple of years and I already have a big hole in my septum and you can even see that my nose is starting to flatten out. It really hurts and I know that it is permanent and it makes me really feel down when I think about it. I am trying to quit but it’s really hard. I am using a little less than I used to. I always swore I’d never use crack because that was a line I would not cross. Should I switch to crack instead of snorting while I am trying to quit so that I won’t do more damage to my nose? I cannot afford any expensive rehab right now.

  • William Anderson Says ...
    William Anderson

    You are in bigger trouble than you realize. If you do not get clean and sober right now, you will most likely die an ugly death very soon. You need to get into treatment and get off cocaine altogether to avoid things getting worse. Your thinking is not rational and if you stay on the path with the thinking you have right now, things will get much worse right away.

    Sell everything you have, if that's what it takes to pay for treatment, and get into treatment. If you become homeless, it would be better to start over again clean and sober than to die with assets.

    If you won't have enough even if you sell everything and no family that can help you, I'm sure we could find a program that would be available if you can prove you have no assets and no income.

    You are at high risk right now and your letter shows that you are not thinking rationally. Please trust me and get up and go to your local public Crisis Center or Detox as soon as you read this and get help to find a treatment center. I don't know where you are located, so I can't tell you where one is near you, but write back if you need help finding where to go. We here at Choose Help will find you help.

    You are wrong that the disfigurement of your nose is permanent. Once you recover and get your life back on a healthy path, you can have surgery to repair your nose. If you survive, anything is possible. However, you are on the on the path to an early death, and that is permanent.

    Get moving. Best wishes.

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