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Homeopathy for Cocaine Abuse and Why There's More to It

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have a little cocaine problem. Not sure how serious the situation is. I am at a point now where I need it or I feel very depressed. I know this is not real depression but it makes it challenging to stick with my efforts to cut back. If I take St. John’s Wort will this alleviate some of this daily come down depression? Or if not St. John’s is there another supplement I can take to smooth the day after feeling a bit?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    It's great that you're recognizing that your use has become problematic. St John's can indeed be helpful for feelings of depression, so too can B vitamins. I think it interesting that you're seeking natural solutions to an unnatural problem. Please understand I have no interest in judging you nor your intentions. I marvel at what's currently going into your body whether by snorting, smoking, or needle. Cocaine is usually mixed with a substance that was never meant to be ingested into the human body. That makes at least two very unnatural substances going into your body.

    To feel depressed when you're not doing coke is likely because you crave it, desire it, and feel like you're being deprived of it. Emotionally this is like what people go through when they diet. Perhaps you think of cocaine as a reward or as something you thoroughly enjoy. Given your apparent interest in holistic health I encourage you to consider that when you do coke you're ingesting massive amounts of toxins.

    There are many reasons why people feel depressed. The most important one is because their life is lacking . Cocaine allows you to feel something that you'd like to be able to feel without drugs. I wonder what your passion is, what's missing in your life, and what you're willing to do to get it?

    Invest not just in your health - but in your life as well. Good luck!

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