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Domestic Violence

Women at Increased Risk of Domestic Violence during World Cup

Worldwide, experts say that women are at an increased risk of experiencing domestic violence during the alcohol soaked days of the world cup soccer tournament.

Professor Paula Nicolson of Royal Holloway, University of London says that the increased alcohol consumption that accompanies events like the World Cup increases incidence rates of domestic violence against women. She urges women who have in the past experienced domestic violence at their partner’s hand should have a plan at the ready should warning signs of violence emerge.

In England in 2006, domestic violence rates increased by 25% on each of the days England played a match in the World Cup.

Nicolson advises, “For some women it may be a case of staying out with friends of family members on England game nights or arranging for their children to go to a friend's house for a sleepover. If that is not possible it is crucial that women have relevant phone numbers to hand, and should know where to get help. Simple things like knowing where your mobile phone and car keys are could make all the difference.”

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