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NYC Cocaine Dealing Cop Arrested

NYC Cocaine Dealing Cop Arrested
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Not a proud week for NYC cops. One arrested for drug dealing, another arrested for assisting in a prostitution ring which employed victims as young as 13.

NYC Police detective Louis Batista has been arrested on charges that over a five year period, he knowingly and intentionally conspired to sell controlled substances.

The allegations center over Batista's alleged role in a cocaine dealing ring, and Justice Dept. officials allege that the detective helped gang members elude prosecution through supplying them with insider police information.

Batista's misconduct also led to a fellow officer, Sgt. Henry Conde's, arrest earlier last year. Conde has been charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly looking into an FBI investigation into the matter on Batista's behalf, and lying about his actions.

A third and as yet unnamed officer may also face charges in connection with the drug ring.

Batista's lawyer, Jim Moschella, reported that his client was innocent and was looking forward to proceeding so that he could clear his good-name. The lawyer also reported that, to the best of his knowledge, all evidence against Batista came only from a single criminal informant.

A very sorry week for NYC police, as Batista's arrest comes only a day after another NYC police officer, Wayne Taylor, faced charges for assisting in a prostitution ring - a ring that included at least one 13 year old girl.

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