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The Rolling Stones - "Just Say No?"

The Rolling Stones - "Just Say No?"
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Sex, drug and rock n roll - a mistake? They know what they're talking about, and they're warning today's stars on the dangers of drugs.

Tough talking Keith Richards, the quintessential drug abusing rock n roller, has warned Amy Winehouse - that if she won't change her ways…she'll soon end up looking as wrinkly and old as he does!

All the Stones have, in fact, come out against drugs to some degree during recent weeks, with Jagger warning Winehouse publicly about her drugging, explaining, I'm worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has take".

Jagger doesn’t deny the excesses of his youth, but counters that in his day, no one really knew of the dangers of drugs and that "In our time, there were no rehab centers. Anyway, I did not know about them."

Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood got into the fray last year when publicly counseling Kate Moss to ditch cocaine using Boyfriend Pete Doherty.

The Stone's longtime manager and friend, Andrew Oldman, himself a drug addict until just over a decade ago, acknowledges that the Stones can come of a little hypocritically when speaking out against drug use, but swears that the Stones never let drugs interfere with the music.

A Stones' Spokesperson reported that although there have been public statements made, the group still considers Winehouse a friend, and Winehouse has reciprocated, saying the Stones were still friends of hers.

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