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Checking into Betty Ford, Hasselhoff Says He Had a Lethal Amount of Alcohol in His Body

Now in recovery and with a career reignited as the new head judge for the UK TV series, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff opened up about his dangerous binge drinking past and claimed that at the time of his entry into the Betty Ford Clinic for his last rehab stay in 2002 he recorded the highest blood alcohol content reading they had ever seen at admission.

On his blood alcohol level at rehab check in Hasselhoff claims, "Medically I should have been dead it was so bad." Describing how he came to stop drinking, Hasselhoff explained, “I had been in rehab once before but stayed for eight days before ordering a taxi and going over the wall. It took God's angels to bring me to the brink of disaster and death to get my attention so that I could finally stop drinking."

The long time star admits to having had some relapses since that time, including a notorious binge and sloppy burger chow-down that was caught on video and posted to YouTube by his daughter Hayley, in 2007 -  but he says it’s not about whether you fall, but about “how fast you get up.”

Hasselhoff told reporters that while he had long liked to drink socially, it wasn’t until his Baywatch days that he really started to drink heavily alone, saying "Girls would be outside my trailer door clamoring to get in and I would drink the mini- bar…Many mini-bars later it caught up with me."  

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