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Brooke Mueller Reportedly Heading to Mexico for Treatment with the Experimental Hallucinogen Ibogaine

Brooke Mueller to Get Ibogaine Treatment
Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller is reportedly heading to Mexico for 7 days of addiction treatment with Ibogaine, an experimental hallucinogenic drug that is said to interrupt addiction to drugs such as opiates, alcohol and cocaine.

Ibogaine is a strong hallucinogenic drug which remains an illegal schedule 1 substance in the US but which is legal for use in Mexico, Canada and other countries internationally. Originally a substance used in African shamanic rituals, Ibogaine has gained increasing popularity in the last decades as a medicine which can interrupt drug addiction and eliminate drug withdrawals and cravings for substances including opiates, alcohol, cocaine and others.

Mueller has battled publically with addictions since her teen years and has already participated in 16 periods of addiction treatment. She ended a 45 day treatment stay in June, but since her release only last month she has been photographed with a crack pipe and was asked to leave a United flight for erratic behavior.

Commenting on why Mueller has decided on Ibogaine therapy in Mexico, a source close to the troubled celebrity said, "Brooke is absolutely desperate. She feels completely powerless to her addiction. Brooke feels that going to get treatment is Mexico is her only option. Brooke wants to be sober, but her addiction just too strong right now.”

Weighing in on the risks and benefits of Ibogaine therapy, director of NYU Langone's Center of Excellence on Addiction, Dr. Stephen Ross said, "Ibogaine treats opiate withdrawal through a biological effect, and also induces a psychospiritual state or mystical state of consciousness…They may feel interconnected to a higher form of energy, their consciousness is part of a greater consciousness, and have a sense of sacredness, awe and reverence."

But while that may sound like a good time, experts say that an Ibogaine ‘trip’ is an intense experience that typically involves nausea and vomiting and intense and nightmarish visions, and additionally; Dr. Ross warns that about 20 people have died after taking Ibogaine, typically from cardiac events.

He also adds that while Ibogaine may help people break free from drugs for a short while, it’s the post treatment continuing care that really matters in the long run, saying, "Rarely would an experience like this, without post-therapy, cause long-term recovery and sobriety."

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