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Steven Tyler

Aerosmith Rocker Says He Spent 20 Million on Drugs

After decades of abuse and 8 stays in treatment, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler talks drugs and excess in his just released autobiography.

Steven Tyler says that during the drug fueled days, concert venues would set up offstage alcoves for the bad so that the rockers could scoot to the side for a quick snort of cocaine, mid show, stating, "I kept my medicine cabinet on stage, in a fourteen-inch drum head, the bottom of which contained... one Dixie cup with a straw and blow in it and the other with Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels in it.”

The now 62 year old rocker says a life of abuse hasn’t come cheap, grieving, "I blew 20 million. I snorted my Porsche, I snorted my plane, I snorted my house in that din of drugs and booze and being lost” but more than the financial costs, Tyler seems most regretful of the broken relationships left in the wake of years of heavy abuse, explaining, “I needed blow. I needed that cocaine. I needed it…That’s what drugs did. It took my children away, it took my band away, it took my marriages away, and I was on my knees.”

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