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To heal the spirit, holistic drug treatment programs encourage reflection, contemplation, spirituality and hope.

An awareness of the metaphysical distinction between mind and spirit is a hallmark of holistic drug treatment, and without bettering spiritual pain, there is little hope for eventual abstinence.


By using spiritual guidance from a higher power as a way to battle temptation, prayer to a personally defined higher power strengthens addicts away from use or abuse and towards a better way of living. Spiritual guidance has always been incorporated into 12 steps programs, and many holistic treatment programs will incorporate these peer group meetings within a comprehensive programming.

Meditation and reflection

Therapeutic meditation is taught and encouraged as a way to gain self awareness, and as a way to gain a better understanding of the things in life that lead to abuse and unhappiness.

Yoga or martial arts

Although physical in nature, the benefits of discipline and concentration requiring yoga or martial arts occur on the spiritual plane.

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