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Why Publish on Choose Help?

By publishing on Choose Help you:

  • Gain a wide readership for your work (over three million pageviews in 2013)
  • Gain recognition among your peers and the general public for your specialty expertise
  • Have an opportunity to help people in crisis make better wellness and healthcare decisions

Once a registered expert you can submit and format an article yourself through your ‘my dashboard’ area of the site and it can be approved and live on the site within a couple of days.

It’s an easy and quick way to share your expertise with a large and targeted audience of people in need.

What Type of Article Gets Published

People come to Choose Help to find authoritative resource content and to find answers to questions about mental health and addiction – and as an experienced expert, you are in a unique position to provide this type of helpful information.

To maintain quality and focus, all articles get reviewed by our editorial team for approval prior to publishing.

To get published, an article must be:

  • Helpful – it must answer a specific question that a reader might have about mental health or addiction, aid the reader in making some sort of decision or move the reader into taking action that improves health or wellness
  • Reasonably well written and free from grammar/spelling mistakes
  • Original – previously unpublished work that you hold the copyright on
  • Appropriate for the site (must fit well into one of the umbrella categories in the ‘topics and issues’ section of the site)
  • Of a reasonable length for internet reading (roughly between 500 and 1500 words)
  • Accurate and authoritative – the article should cite authoritative sources when appropriate and it should be clearly apparent when you’re writing based on personal experience or opinion

Certain types of articles are less likely to get published, such as:

  • Editorial or opinion type articles, like you might see on a blog
  • Very general resource articles (like you might see in an encyclopedia)

We hope you find this a convenient and user-friendly way to reach a large audience for your work. Please feel free to contact us should you have any specific questions about the publishing process or to receive a more detailed style and content guide to publishing on the site.

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