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If you are a licensed mental health professional, Choose Help offers you a featured spot on our website, allowing you to connect with our visitors directly via a self-managed Q&A format. It is a seamless way for therapists and other treatment providers to connect with a large audience directly.

You get a highly visible and interactive therapist profile on our site. All completed Q & A's and expert listings are linked to your profile. You can add your contact details, bio, treatment modalities, website and Twitter feeds to it.

Our interactive listings go beyond the scope of other professional directories available online. Your Q & A responses to public questions generate interest and trust in your competence and authentic desire to help. This means our site visitors have the opportunity to get to know you much better.

Choose Help will increase your internet presence; ensuring you a genuine boost in website traffic and search engine rankings. Gain access to the premium features such as premium directory listings, article submissions, referral and online counseling tools.

What if you don't have much time to respond to public questions?

Even if you post infrequently, you still benefit from a distinct, ițnteractive and highly visible therapist profile on - and with every answer you provide, the visibility of your profile page increases.

Note: if you have an assistant or secretary you can add an Alternative Email in addition to your own (inside your Profile Preferences). This allows them to log in and manage your account for you, using their own email. You still get notified directly about new questions, and can prepare your response "offline", while they deal with the "online" part. This option is an excellent way for clinics and organizations to be featured with more than one of their clinicians, as a single staff member can manage a group of online expert accounts.

What Makes Choose Help Different?

We are committed to helping people understand, manage and overcome difficulties. is not a psychology blog or directory, nor are we expecting to draw a large readership of scientists - in fact, our average visitor had little interest in therapy until he or she faced a sudden and often substantial crisis situation.

It is at that juncture that people decide to seek professional treatment and guidance, and it's our primary mission to link those that seek help with those that are licensed and capable of providing it. Choose Help differentiates itself from other mental health websites through the immediate "front line" exposure we deliver via our professional partners.

How Does the
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Questions are posted to you through our topic sections. You will then receive a notification via email and as an alert in your Choose Help account. Questions and contacts are managed via your account dashboard.

You have full discretion over the questions you choose to answer. Visitors may choose to remain anonymous or they may elect to contact you directly. And since people often face similar problems and issues, your responses will likely interest and benefit a wide audience.

Experts are featured on our homepage, in the expert listings, and in the header of the topics they cover. Expert rankings are displayed throughout the site. The more frequently you participate in the Q & A's, the higher you will be ranked.

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