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Glacier Manor Community Residential Center

Sober Living Home, Treatment Center
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5597 Aisek Street
99801, United States

A long term sober living environment, primarily for criminal justice clients within the system.

Program Overview

  • Age Group 18 - 99 years
  • Patient Population

    • Adults
    • Criminal Justice Clients
  • Drug Court Approved

Payment Options

  • Free

Facility Description

About the Program

A long term treatment and sober living housing environment for those people involved in the criminal justice system. Residents may be incarcerated and serving within the facility, or may be on probation or on parole. All residents will be required to find work and contribute 25% of their wages to house facility expenses. Therapy and counseling are offered at low cost. Most residents will stay between 6 and 12 months. A sober facility, residents can expect random drug and alcohol tests during their period of residency.

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