Dr. Ari Hahn

Dr. Ari Hahn

Clinical Social Worker/Therapist
Ari Hahn Ph.D., LCSW
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Treatments Offered

Therapy Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Humanistic, Family Systems Therapy, Family/Marital Therapy, Other
Age Focus: Seniors, Adults
Specialities: Dissociative Disorders, Anger Management, Trauma and PTSD, Life Coaching, Parenting, Domestic Abuse or Domestic Violence, Anxiety or Fears, Elderly Persons Disorders, Depression
Treatment Modality: Couples, Individuals, Groups
Ethnicity: Any Ethnicity
Sexual Orientation: Any Orientation
Languages Spoken: Hebrew
Religious Beliefs: Jewish


Years in Practice: 30+ Years
Graduated from: Hunter college school of social work
Year Graduated: 1991
Licensed?: Yes
License issued in: New Jersey
License Nr.: 44SC04643300
License Expiry: Aug 2024

Remote Therapy

Phone Counseling: Yes
Online Counseling: Yes
Technologies: betterhelp.com
More Info: https://www.bet...

Please use the contact form on this page to find out more about the provider's remote therapy options

Cost & Payment Modalities

Avg Cost (session): greater than $150
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Online Payments accepted: Yes

Please verify costs and payment modalities before you arrange your first visit

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