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Tried Everything for Depression

  • newmexico Asks ...

    I have had dysthymia since I was 18. I have tried multiple meds, ect, therapy, etc. I think there is no hope.

  • Stephanie Adams Says ...
    Stephanie Adams

    There is always hope. It doesn't feel that way, but that's just part of the disease. A "side effect" of depression, if you will, is hopelessness. I don't know what's not worked about the therapy you've been to before, but just because it hasn't worked yet doesn't mean it won't in the future. There are many different theories of therapy (Cognitive-Behavioral, Solutions-Focused, etc.) and many different kinds of therapy (Art, Animal-assisted, Group, etc.) and you can't have tried them all. I know just thinking about it takes a lot of emotional energy, but don't let that stop you. Take a deep breath, and keep trying. You DO have the ability to find the answer, it's just very, very hard work. I admire you for continuing to reach out when you feel so down. That's the kind of guts that will get you through this. Don't stop trying.

    I'm rooting for you.

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