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    I am depressed and have anxiety and I am unemployed and living with friends. I have no money for any kind of therapy or even for medication but I can’t get work because on most days I can’t even get myself to leave the bedroom. How can someone with no money at all for any kind of treatment have a hope of beating mental illness?

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    Stephanie Adams

    When you're depressed, you feel so trapped - but there are options out there:

    • First, community mental health resources available at lower rates for low-income individuals:
    • Second, self-help and support groups:
    • Third, discount/free medication resources: Also, talk to your doctor about private pay and sliding-scale discounts - many doctors understand how difficult it is for the uninsured to get quality health care.
    • Fourth, public assistance in the form of social security/disability financial help: It does take time to receive aid, but if you qualify it can help you out long-term.
    • Fifth, free clinics:
    • Sixth, seek support and encouragement through the National Empowerment Center:

    Don't give up! You can get through this!



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